Make Ecstasy - Ingredients To Make Homemade Ecstasy

Since friends keep asking me for a homemade ecstasy recipe and what are the ingredients to make homemade ecstasy pills easy I decided to make a post about this. Don't expect to make a mind blowing ecstasy pills at home just like that but here is some useful info that I gathered for you:

My Ecstasy Pills has been trying some herbal ecstasy pills like Diablo XXX, Speed Rush, Happy Caps Groove E and My Ecstasy Pills has noticed the ingredients are usually:

. BZP (sometimes)
. Caffeine and caffeine containing plant matter (green tea etc.)
. Ephedrine (Sida Cordifolia)
. Amino Acid blend
. Other vitamins

So, My Ecstasy Pills thought, could My Ecstasy Pills take each of these ecstasy ingredients (cheaper than the actual ecstasy pills) and create the same ecstasy effect. As My Ecstasy Pills knows it is possible to get very cheap Ephedrine (as weight loss/energy pills) amino acid blend (health and energy pills) and caffeine (energy drinks).

It's really possible to buy some of these ecstasy ingredients for cheap and make your own homemade ecstasy (maybe not the best ecstasy pills in the whole world but still cheaper than any herbal highs and legal hallucinogens on the market today). Now go make some ecstasy!